Hello and Welcome to Adam N Smith Photography which is based in South East London. I have been taking photographs for over 20 years and have a real love of travel and of course travel photography. After receiving an old Zenith SLR for my eleventh birthday I began snapping away and produced some fairly awful black and white photographs of trees and some even worse portraits of friends and family! Whilst on a trip to Canada in my late teens I discovered how much I enjoyed capturing images in far away places and returned to the UK determined to see the world whilst trying to capture it on film (I'm so glad digital came along when it did!)

My adventures have taken me through five continents and nearly 50 countries including New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Nepal, China, Cambodia, Lao, USA, Morocco and quite a few others. I have seen a near plane crash, an earthquake, typhoon's and triads, it has been fun and I hope to see many more countries in the next few years.

While travel certainly introduced me to photography, it isn't the only subject I enjoy shooting. I undertake most other kinds of photography work, specifically events, portraits, pet portraits and promo work etc, feel free to peruse my galleries for examples and drop me a line via the contact form on the website or email adamnsmith@hotmail.co.uk

My images have been featured in National Geographic Traveller Magazine, BBC News, Real Travel Magazine, The Bay Harbour News(NZ), Advanced Photographer Magazine and many websites. My portrait work featured in the shortlist for National Geographic 2012 Worldwide travel photography competition. My clients include ZND UK, Lincolnshire Council, Bootham School York and Marlon Williams.